Yurt dışı hayallerinizi gerçekleştiriyoruz !
Yurt dışı hayallerinizi gerçekleştiriyoruz !

Member of Unesco affiliated schools and Confucius class. Founded in 1850, private and catholic secondary school, grade 7 to 11, for boys and girls,
located in Montreal area, Quebec province, in a countryside location, 40 minutes from airport, in a bilingual region.Total: 1600 students with boarding
section of 200 students.Five days boarding and week end homestay for complete immersion. Teaching language: French. Special immersion program
for students that come to learn French. All facilities and tradition for American football, triathlon and all sports. Skating arena, ski and snowboard.Arts
and music, ipad teaching methods, mandarin classes. Inscription for short term stay, semester or complete schoolyear, individual or groups.
International students are boarding in school during the week and host by a family for the weekends and holidays. They are integrated in all regular
classes. Coming from French speaking countries, they can study for a secondary diploma and then go to College and University. Coming for a year for
immersion French program, they are in complete immersion and can speak quite fluently at the end of the year.

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İstiklal Cad. Tütüncü Çıkmazı No:2 Kat:2 Daire:2 ( Galatasaray Lisesi Karşısı) Beyoğlu / İstanbul / Türkiye Merkez Telefonlarımız : +90 (212) 252 90 35 +90 (212) 252 90 36 Fax: +90 (212) 252 90 37